Executive Director

Lisa Miller, former Deputy Insurance Commissioner for the State of Florida.

Primary Attorney

Erica F. Augello, Esq., BCS, serves as General Counsel for PPAF. She is board certified by the Florida Bar in City, County, and Local Government Law, and serves as a City Attorney. She has assisted in drafting some of the regulations that are applicable to private providers and jurisdictions alike regarding permitting and inspections.

Political Affairs

Lisa Miller, Miller & Associates and Paul Handerhan, Federal Association for Insurance Reform (FAIR).

Board of Directors

Dan Sinclair, Founding Board Member, Chairman of the Board, President
(President/Owner, Sinclair Construction)

Al Wilson, Founding Board Member
(Director, Florida Building Code Compliance Authority)

Tyson Scott, Founding Board Member
(President/Owner, Coastal Code Services)

Kevin Powell, Board Member
(President/Owner, Inspected Solutions)

Ricky Agee, Board Member
(Head of Florida Operations, Universal Engineering Sciences)

Rune Lero, Board Member
(Owner, ICI.com) 

David Bearce, Board Member
(Regional Manager, ECS Florida LLC)


Office: (850) 250-5200
[email protected]


PPAF Headquarters      
331 N Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32301

PPAF Mailing Address
429 S Tyndall Parkway, Suite N
Panama City, FL 32404