Private Provider Association of Florida, Inc.

A professional association of retired local building officials, active building officials, engineers, architects, contractors and building owners.

Private Providers FS 553.791

Serving the interests of private providers that provide building code services as well as the interests of the contractors/fee holders that have elected to use the valuable services of a private provider in lieu of the jurisdiction.


Contact Us

PPAF Mailing Address
429 S Tyndall Parkway, Suite N
Panama City, FL 32404

PPAF Headquarters
331 N Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32301

[email protected]

Benefits of Membership

Power in Numbers

Speaking with a voice of a large group of private provider stake holders has exponential benefit of tackling building official challenges and misunderstanding.

Contributing to Public Policy

When an association like PPAF presents to the legislature, having input from private provider experts to drive good private provider laws will produce terrific outcomes.

Media Coverage

Reporters like talking to association representatives to get a broader perspective and providing reporters access to our association will produce branding for private provider activities.

Competent Staff

The association has on staff attorneys, on staff political affairs professionals, an on staff communications director and a executive director to help advance our cause. For example, our primary attorney is the outside counsel for the Florida League of Cities and is a city attorney, herself.